Zplet with alphabet table (fixes the zcharacter directive bug)

This is a bugfix for Zplet (another one existed for Spanish but I didn't find it). Details about the bug here. This aventure.z5 was compiled with the zcharacter directive and this causes problems with the output of accented characters. This bugfix will probably work only for iso latin1 characters. It includes:

The z-machine preservation project has probably a much better support of Unicode, but it needs an updated Java virtual machine (not the default one).

Don't trust this bugfix too much.

-- JL

Current zplet.jar:

(some accented characters are not correctly printed)

New zplet_with_alphabet_table.jar (uses a modified ZMachine.java and ZScreen.java):

(all accents are correctly printed)

New Zplet reading aventure_with_heavy_zcharacter.z5 (aventure.z5 with a heavily modified alphabet table):

(the game works (output and input) ; the zcharacter directive must be at the very beginning of aventure.inf)