SoundMUD 0.14 manual



‘Now this dungeon is finally seeing the light of day, we’re happy that all the hours we spent on it were worthwhile — over 9,000 on the ‘tab targeting’ system alone!’

Tomb of Immortal Darkness (a Blizzard's April Fools Joke),


SoundMUD is an audio-based MUD with a MMORPG-like interface (or a micro-MMORPG with an audio-based interface). It doesn't have as many features as a classic text MUD, but it tries to create an immersive experience in a real-time simulation with positional sounds.

This version includes a server. The main server isn't available any more (I still have the data though).


Download the latest version and unzip the archive to any folder, as long as the program will have writing rights on it.

Starting a local game

Open the game folder and execute the programs called server.exe and soundmud.exe, in this order.

On the first connection, the server will automatically create a player account and log you into the world.

The info about the player account is stored in a file called id.txt. Save it and use several accounts if you like.


Looking around and selecting a target

Press Tab (or Shift Tab) to select the next (or the previous) object of interest in front of you.

Press the left or right arrow key to turn left or right (90 degrees).

Press Control to check the current target.

Moving forward or backwards

Press and hold the up or down arrow key to move forward or backwards as long as you hold the key down.

Doing the default action on the target

Pressing Backspace starts the default action on the current target depending on the situation:

  • go through a door,
  • attack a monster,
  • take a weapon from the ground, (The weapon will be in the inventory. You will have to wield it to use it.)
  • go near any other object,
  • wield a weapon from your inventory,
  • unwield your current weapon.

An action will go on until it is complete or until you give another order. As a consequence, you can interrrupt an action by briefly using an arrow key to go forward or backwards.

You can also press Enter to do the default action as long as you hold the key down.

Inventory and equipment

Press I or Shift I to select the next or previous object in your inventory.

Press Backspace to wield the selected weapon instead of the current one.

Press E to select your current weapon.

Press Backspace to unwield your current weapon if you have selected it.

Press D to drop the selected object.

Death and resurrection

When a player character dies, it won't really die: it will resurrect as soon as the player presses R.

Resurrection won't occur immediately, which will allow the player to enjoy the calm of the room after the character's death.

A player character will drop his main weapon though.


Most defeated monsters will reappear after a while.

Some of them have a weapon and will drop it when dying. The inventory will be dropped too.

Weapon durability

Every time a weapon deals damage, it takes damage too. When a weapon is too damaged, it breaks.


When a character kills a monster, it gains experience. With enough experience the character gains a level which makes it healthier, stronger, faster.

Setting up a server for other players

Edit soundmud.ini and send the file to the other players. Make sure that your router will forward TCP to your machine ("virtual server"). Then start server.exe .