The action-roleplay game

The incomplete action-roleplay game is inspired by Diablo, a simple and efficient game. Like in Diablo, you only need to point and hold click to attack (here, press the arrow keys to face the monster, press Tab to select the monster and press and hold Enter to attack it). Like in Diablo, the monsters die quickly (one or two hits are often enough), and some parts of the game are randomly generated. SoundMUD lacks many elements of Diablo, like the inventory management, more monsters, potions, weapons, skill tree, quests. The 0.9 version of SoundMUD provided here in English is not the latest one but is probably the better one today.


The action-roleplay game is not complete, and I have not been working on it for more than one year, because I have to complete the strategy game (SoundRTS), or at least to lead it to a not too uncomplete state. So this version is really for people that wonder what SoundMUD is, more than to play with it. Though, the multiplayer game have been used for a long time by some players.

You can use headphones, but be careful: keep the volume low and make frequent pauses. Like Diablo, this game is probably not recommended under 17.


For Windows, follow these steps:

For other platforms, follow these steps:

Short manual

You have the choice between the following games:

For the action-roleplay game the keys are:

There are some more commands for the strategy game (you should try SoundRTS first, anyway):

How to start an Internet server

The servers list is limited to one server: the last one that registered!

If no server works, try to start your own server by double-clicking on server.exe or server.pyc.

If you are behind a firewall you must allow port 2500.

If you are behind a firewall you must allow the port 2500 (in TCP).

Moreover, if you use a router, you must add a virtual server for the port 2500 to the IP address of your server. Without that, the router won't know to which machine it will forward the packets. In the case of a virtual server, you may need to give a fixed IP to your server with DHCP.


The project is currently not active, but you can send your comments to soundmud hat gmail dhot com.