what is the status of SoundRTS? (19 July 2014)

what is in the next alpha version?

already done

Recent Commits to soundrts:master (GitHub)

to do for sure

to do maybe

- complete and include the orc race
- fix: sometimes the aggressive AI doesn't make any moves after the initial few attacks
- the AI should know how to research a required tech before creating a building or unit
- AI should be able to summon units (from "get" command)
- modding: reuse the manual generator so that the modder can provide easily an up to date manual; include rules_doc.txt and doc.txt
- add AI for missions: for example, protect every built or "town" square with a fixed number of units (or dispatch units), and don't react to attacks
- add labels and minimal menus to the graphics version (usable version)
- add numbers to requirements (for example, training a unit requires 2 buildings of a type)
- ...

just thinking...

- map/scenario generator
- if the user interface is separated: different user interfaces (audio, video); android user interface with a server-side world simulator